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September 2017

Weekly Product Spotlight

Hogue Knives
For all of you organic meat eaters out there, make sure you have a good knife to process your animal this fall. My dad taught me the importance of having not just a good knife, but a great knife when hunting. I love my Hogue Knives and process all my animals with the EX-F02. Processing an animal efficiently and properly to keep the meat from spoiling is very important.
HIVIZ Sights
HIVIZ Sights are bright enough to see in any weather. I have practiced in low light, no light, bright light, and just about any kind of light and HIVIZ has given me the clarity to see in any conditions and be able to pick up that front sight. In low light conditions most of us struggle with crisp, clear vision. Their sights can stand out in any situation and help you pick up that front sight quicker and help you get your shots off quicker and more accurately.
UnderTech UnderCover
When it comes to personal protection, I am no stranger. Having competed all over the world and in high profile events, I take conceal carry and personal protection seriously. Just like many of our government’s agents and LEO’s I use UnderTech Undercover to help keep me safe. Not only is it comfortable and fashionable it works well enough to exercise in and can conceal in almost any situation. UnderTech Undercover gives me the security and confidence I need to continue to do what I do. Please check out their amazing line of products at

Babes With Bullets Handgun Camp in Durango, CO

Babes With Bullets Handgun Camp in Durango, CO
For the second year in a row, Babes with Bullets returned to 10 Ring Ranch for a Ladies Handgun Camp at my range. We had a very successful camp and all the ladies left with more confidence and learned a new life skill or improved their skills overall.
Up Next:
3nd Annual She Never Quit Event at Marcus Luttrell’s Ranch in Texas
October 10-13th I am headed to the 3rd Annual She Never Quit Event at Marcus Luttrell’s (The Lone Survivor) Ranch in Texas.. The She Never Quit Event will be held on Marcus Luttrell's (Lone Survivor) Ranch down in Texas. Melanie Luttrell (Marcus' wife) is our host for the event. It will be the 3rd annual event were we bring in women from all across the US who pay to experience what is the latest and greatest in the firearms and outdoor industry as well as raise money for a Charity called "All In, All the Time" that supports windows and families of fallen navy seals that are struggling to pay the bills. When one of our service members is killed in action, the widows are given a one-time $10,000 payment and month to move out of their on base housing. You can imagine that for many families a move and trying to find an income can be difficult as there are no other benefits given long term for these widows. All of the proceeds go directly to All In All The Time. 

The events include a "firearms petting zoo" where the lady attendee's will get the opportunity to try firearms from over 12 different manufactures as well as receive shooting instruction from some of the top lady shooters/instructors in the country. There will be a fashion show, massage, low light airsoft, wild game cooking lessons, a photo safari on the ranch (they have a lot of exotics on the ranch), yoga, and more. 

The last two years the event generated a lot of publicity and was featured on TV, magazine and many online publications. The website for the event with more info is Thanks to the many sponsors that are supporting this event including several of my sponsors- MGM Targets, Fiocchi, and Explorer Cases.
Blue Ridge 3-Gun Championships
After the She Never Quit Event I will head out to Kentucky for the Blue Ridge 3-Gun Championships at Rockcastle. This is one of my favorite events of the year. It is considered one of the most physical matches of the year and I am really looking forward to doing it for a second year in a row. Last year was my first year competing in the event. I have learned so much from doing the event last year and can’t wait to head back with more experience this year. Rock Castle is one of my favorite ranges in the east and is run by two great guys that were raised in Durango (my home town), Nick and Nate Noble. The match is set up and run by another one of my favorites Andy Horner. Horner matches are known to be more challenging and more physical, that is why I like them so much. I will keep you posted on how the match goes. I will be representing Camelbak at the match and staying hydrated with Camelbak’s awesome products during the very physical match!

Africa Trip with Great American Outdoors

The first 2 weeks in September I flew over to Africa with 6 women to do a hunt with Great American Outdoors. The purpose of our trip was to introduce/mentor women who have never hunted before to an incredible hunting experience as well as take the meat from the animals we harvested on our cull hunt to a local village and donate the meat to some families in need. It has been an incredible experience. All the women had a great time and have either fallen in love with hunting or decided that it isn't for them, but have a greater understanding of the process. It was an incredible group of ladies including a couple of my of my favorites Kay Miculek and Deb Ferns who help mentor our novice hunters. There will be a tv show or two that will come out of the last week and will air sometime later this fall. It will be on American Outdoors (I will keep you posted on air date and what channels). We didn't come to Africa to hunt trophies and none of the animals that we harvested are such. Some of the animals look big but they are all part of a cull hunt and give you a healthy respect of the size of some of the animals that they have over here. I was fortunate enough to take a Kudu Cow (known as the gray ghost) and a Blue Wildebeest bull. All the ladies that came on the hunt were successful and were able to provide some meat for the villages. Thanks to the incredible sponsors of the show that helped make this trip possible, Thompson/CenterTrijicon, Inc.5.11 TacticalPatriot CasesGlobal RescueHogue KnivesLOWACamelBakCamelBak TacticalHornady

Weekly Product Spotlight

Trijicon Accupower 1-8x28
I don't take chances out in the field by settling for mediocre equipment. Having competed in the highest level in sports I know the importance of good equipment. The same goes for hunting. Trijicon, Inc. scopes are the only thing I can trust to hold my zero when in the field or competing because it has been proven time and time again. Check out their new Trijicon Accupower 1-8x28-
Africa is an incredibly large and desolate country. Every time we went into the bush our out on the planes hunting I wanted to make sure I had plenty of water with me to stay hydrated in the 90+ heat and all day hiking. Camelbak packs give you enough space to carry a day’s worth of water without feeling the effects of it at night and allow room for other important things like snacks and sheds . One of my favorite packs and the one I trusted in Africa is the MULE. I use it for hunting, hiking, biking, travel and at the range. Check it out at-
When they first came out with the DVC 3-Gun I literately drooled. Not only is it the most beautiful pistol out there, it shoots so accurately, is flat shooting and the trigger and the slide are like butter. Now that I have put it through the test and have won countless High Lady titles with it, I am convinced that there is no better pistol out there. You can say I’m “One with this gun” as Babes with Bullets Founder Deb Ferns always says. Check it out