So Many Targets In So Little Time…

October 2016

Weekly Product Spotlight

Weekly Product Spotlight:
Trijicon Binoculars
I use Trijicon scopes on my rifle for competition and hunting, but I also use their binoculars for that as well. At competitions I use them to find long range targets out to 600 that are hard to find/see with the naked eye. I also use them to see where the bullets are hitting at that distance as well and having a clear, clean and crisp sight picture can make the difference between being able to tell where the shots are going so I can adjust when It’s my time to shoot and not getting the hits. I also use them in hunting. In the west we have wide open spaces and can see forever as they say. Having a good pair of binoculars goes a long ways in determining if an elk is an elk and a turkey is a turkey and not a stump at 500+ yards. You can see every little detail!, they are that great!
Fiocchi Shotshells
In 3-gun it makes a difference what shotshells you use. Because we are shooting so many and in such succession, it is important to have shells that cycle well in your shotgun and won’t have a lot of recoil. I have found that not matter what the situation, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Target line have never failed me. I shoot the 2 ¾” in 7.5 and 1 ounce shot. I also can’t say enough about their Low Recoil slugs. I can accurately shoot them out to 100 yards and won’t have any bruises the next day. These shells make shooting a shotgun a breeze.
Explorer Cases/International Supply
When it comes to traveling with a firearm, I am no stranger. But all of my experience still doesn’t make me any less nervous about the safety of my firearms until I found International Supplies Explorer Cases. Now I can fly and not worry about TSA, baggage handlers, or other unwanted fingers handing my guns when they aren’t supposed to. With 4 holes in the case for locks, incredibly hard plastic to prevent even a plane from breaking things when it runs over the case (yes this has happened), and most importantly wheels to help me get through the airport with ease when I have all the rest of my gear. I wouldn’t trust my guns in anything else when traveling!

Blue Ridge 3-Gun Championships

Blue Ridge Mountain 3-gun Championships
Now this is more my kind of match! Everyone kept telling me that this was the most physical match in 3-gun and that I had to do it. After having done the other “physical” matches like Rocky Mountain and Iron Man I was excited to see what was in store. Although it didn’t leave me exhausted like a biathlon race, this match did challenge my shooting and was just as exciting as Rocky Mountain and Iron Man. I will definitely be back again next year. Despite having my rifle go down (my fault) on a heavy rifle stage, I was still able to end up 3rd lady and 40th/187 competitors.
I am now getting ready for the SureFire Multi Gun Championships this weekend in Vegas. I’ll keep you posted on how things go.
As 2016 is slowly starting to wind down, so does the incredible journey I had with Otis Technology. I represented Otis Technology for over 13 years, 3 Olympics and now in my 3-gun Career. They are ending their Pro Staff program and focusing on other exciting things that will help their company grow. I want to give Otis a Huge THANK YOU for all the support and for helping me to become the shooter and person I am today. They are like family to me and I couldn’t have done it without them!

Weekly Product Spotlight

Weekly Product Spotlight-
Shaklee Suncreen!
Do you ever worry about Skin cancer? I think about it all the time living at high altitude and spending so much time outside in the sun. One thing that helps me expose a little skin is Shaklee’s Enfusulle Suncreen. Not only it is it Designed for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin, this patented, water resistant, oil-free sunscreen smoothes easily into your skin and absorbs quickly, without leaving a sticky residue. Soothing and moisturizing, it does not irritate the skin. Triple-patented Vital-Repair+® Complex contains antioxidant vitamins and botanicals. The formula offers broad spectrum protection and adds an extra defense against premature skin aging. Can’t beat that, so get outside lather on the sunscreen and enjoy the sun!, lubricates
Every woman wants to look and have clothes that fit her good no matter what she is doing. That even applies to hunting. Heaven forbid that elk looks at you and thinks wow, that lady needs to return that camo to her crazy uncle. When Tracy and I finally ditched the army navy store men’s cotton camo for Prois it was almost like the animals we were hunting just never saw us, either that or they paused long enough to admire our well fit and well-designed camo and we capitalized on their mistake. Don’t take our word for it try it out yourself and if you’re a guy then admire from a far as your wife, girlfriend, or daughter comes back into hunt camp with a turkey over her shoulder. It’s that good.
No one can have too many water bottles. A bottle from Camelbak is the perfect stocking stuffer because they come in so many different kinds, styles, colors, etc. From Insulated for your coffee (or hot chocolate), to your chill bottles that keep your iced tea cold, to your stainless steel, to your awesomely designed bottles for almost any sport and everything in-between. Hydration is so important in helping you have the energy you need to do everything in your life so why not make hydration not only convenient but cool with an awesome new Camelbak water bottle!
Hogue Knives
Christmas is coming up and one of my favorite stocking stuffers is a good pocket knife. Not all pocket knives are created equal and most aren’t made in the USA, but Hogue makes some of the best knives on the market. Hogue makes fixed and folding blades that are so sturdy they can be passed down from generation to generation. I’m sure Hogue knives made today will be floating around in another 1000 years. I highly recommend a Hogue knife for yourself or to give as a gift. I never leave home without chap stick, my phone or a pocket knife. Check out all of Hogue’s knives and other awesome products at
Trijicon Accupoint 1-6
After a year of throwing my rifle in dump barrels and running down trails with it slung on my back during 3-gun matches I am happy to say the Trijicon Accupoint held up amazing well and didn’t lose it’s zero once. This optic has ran well for me in all different kinds of matches from long range to super-fast short range shooting. It’s quick lever helps me change the power on the move if I need to transition from close to far or far to close. Plus, it has a battery-free illuminated reticle that not only allows me to see the reticle in almost any light, but you don’t have to worry about a battery dying on your during a stage.
RedWolf & TacTrainers Airsoft
Why should kids have all the fun? Airsoft aren’t just for kids, they are for adults that want a real shooting training alternative that will help them improve their shooting and alow them to get the trigger time in during the snowy months this winter. I use airsoft when on the road, at night in my garage, and when the weather doesn’t permit going outside. From RedWolf’s Airsoft pistols, rifles, and shotguns to TacTrainers Airsoft Target systems, you can get everything you need to practice like a pro in your basement, garage, spare bedroom or backyard. Don’t let the kids have all the fun, check out these awesome products from Redwolf and TacTrainers!

She Never Quit Event

During November 1st-4th the Women’s Outdoor Media Association ran it’s 2nd annual She Never Quit Event at Melanie and Marcus Luttrel’s (the Lone Survivor) “Lazy J” Ranch down in Texas. We had over 40 ladies in attendance from all over the US that came to the event to help raise funds for widows of Navy Seals as well as learn how to shoot from some of the best female shooters in the World including Kim Rhodes, Kay & Lena Miculek, Di Muehler, Maggie Reese, Athena Lee, Cindy Noyes, JoAnna Wilson, and myself. During the 3 days at the lady J Ranch, besides shooting many different firearms including rifles, pistols, and shotguns, the ladies had the opportunity to hear stories from widows of Navy Seals, shot airsoft in low light conditions, participated in a ladies shooting, hunting, and conceal carry fashion show, and had a hayride that showed many of the exotic and other game animals on the Lady J ranch. A huge thank you to all the sponsors and participants for making this event a success!
Next year the 3
rd Annual will be October 10th-13th, 2017. Please let me know if you’d like to be a part of this great event!

3-Gun Nation Nationals

3-Gun Nation Nationals
3-Gun Nation Nationals were stage in at the Virginia Internationals Raceway. Unfortunately, this year a hurricane swung through at the same time the match took place. Despite having to throw out 3 of the 8 stages and having less than ideal conditions, they pulled of the match and didn’t have to cancel. I ended up 5
th place Lady and 3rd place in the Marksman division. With really short fast stages and the long ones thrown out, I felt that I found what I really need to work on… speed. I have been building my skills in a lot of areas in 3-gun and my next goal is to increase the speed to keep up with some of the top 3-gunners in the country. Can’t wait till next year!