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November 2017

Weekly Product Spotlight

Shaklee Energizing Shake Mix
I am doing a Shaklee Energizing Shake Mix Packet (30 servings) giveaway on my facebook page (Lanny Oakley). This baby can almost get you through the end of the year! If you like shakes, exercise or are going to get into it, want to try something that is Non-GMO, gluten Free, lactose free, no artificial flavors, and is packed full of good stuff and tastes like chocolate milk (I can send Vanilla to the winner if you don't like chocolate). The ticket to winning this puppy is to tell me your favorite thanksgiving meal and tag a person you want to share it with next week. Happy early Thanksgiving!
Hogue Stocks
When it comes to stocks and grips, Hogue has the best reputation in the US. Rugged, Reliable and made to withstand any weather and still allow you to hang you’re your firearm, Hogue can handle anything. I have put them to the test in my 3-gun matches, hunting and years of tough training and they still look as good as they did the day I put them on and still grip. They also have great products like knives, bags and other accessories. Check them out at
JP Rifles
The rifle I use has won over 10 High Lady titles and has won numerous all rifle stages even beating out the men in 3-gun matches this year and in 2016. With over 100,000 rounds through it, this rifle is still going strong and shooting great groups. Light weight but still deadly at long range this rifle is perfect for just about any 3-gun match from bay stages to long range to natural terrain. My favorite rifle to date and one that I have to keep a close eye on because many of my male competitors keep threating to walk off with it when I’m not looking ;). Check them out at

NRA's Love at First Shot Visit

Up Next:
NRA’s Love at First Shot
November 28th & 29th the production team from NRA’s Love at First as well as the incredible Natalie Foster will be coming out to 10 Ring Ranch to do an interview and film an episode about my art work. I am very excited to have them come out to my ranch and to help promote my artwork!

Gearing up for 2018!

Gearing up for 2018!

That was my last match of the year. I am now focusing on training and getting ready for next year, putting together the schedule of 3-gun, handgun, hunting, and elevated heart rate shooting courses that I will be doing as well as the schedule of matches I will be doing next year which include hopefully the Shotgun World Championships in France, the JP PCC National Championships, USPSA 3-Gun and PCC National Championships and many more. I will also be doing more “Lanny Oakley” video, pro tips, and challenges. If you haven’t checked out my Facebook page, please take a look ( ).

2nd at 3GN Naitonals

3-gun Nation has made their home at the Virginia International Raceway the last two years. Last year the event was held in the middle of a hurricane and several of the stages were thrown out because of flooding. This year they pushed the match back a few weeks in hopes that the hurricane season was over which thankfully it was. Last year was definitely a learning experience and I was hoping to improve this year.

This year they hosted the Nationals at VIR and changed things up a bit by adding class shoot offs. So this year they had a ladies shoot off. I was fortunate enough to qualify 1
st in the Pro category which meant I would be shooting off against Tennille Chidester one of 3-Gun Nations organizers and former Pro Series competitor. We squared off under the lights half way through the Nationals live as the internet and about 100+ people watched. I was happy to win the first round against a great competitor and moved onto the second where I would face Ashley Rheurak. She is a fierce competitor and one I have been pushing hard to beat since I started 3-gun. We squared off and when the gun went off, I was able to get the first shot off and cleared my shotgun and moved onto my rifle with a short lead. I laid down my rifle targets and moved onto the pistol just a few paces ahead of her. As I was knocking down the plates I thought I had cleared them all and moved onto the stop plate and as I hit it and it was falling signaling a win, I noticed one of the plates that I thought I had hit was still standing, a fault. For some reason Ashley did the same thing trying to catch up to me, and faulted on her side as well. We were both granted a re-shoot.

The gun went off again and Ashley and I sprinted to our start positions. It was pretty even until the rifle when Ashley pulled a little ahead of me and was able to get the jump on me on the pistol. From there she stay a target or two ahead of me until the end and I ended up second in the ladies shoot off. Of course I would have loved to have won, but there are several things I could take away from the shoot off. I improved so much from the Pro Series and other shoot offs that I did last year, it was an incredible experience and it has lit a fire inside that has given me motivation to train harder for next year so that if we toe the line again I will have improved even more.
For the main match. I also had a huge improvement from last year. I ended up finished 2
nd woman behind Ashley, but was 17th overall amongst the men. Definitely my best match and an improvement from last year where I was 5th Lady and 87th overall. Next year I have goals of challenging the top men in the match. Thanks to my incredible sponsors for helping to support this dream and providing the world class equipment to make it possible-. Hiviz Sights, UnderTech Undercover, Fiocchi Ammunition, JP Enterprises, STI International, Beretta, 5.11 Tactical, Lowa, Trijicon, MGM Targets, Camelbak, Shaklee, Smith Optics, Hogue Inc., Taccom, Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems, Explorer Cases

Weekly Product Spotlight

Fiocchi Ammunition
Thanks to Fiocchi Ammunition I have never had a malfunction or misfire due to bad ammo. I trust only Fiocchi to keep my guns running smoothing and my shots hitting the target. I have tested Fiocchi in just about every condition and environment and they have worked Flawlessly. From training, to competition, to hunting and self-defense, Fiocchi has just about every round you will need to keep you shooting. Check them out at
Camelbak Hydration Systems
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Everyone tell you to stay hydrated and sometimes it is hard to in certain situations. Camelbak has a solution to just about any situation and can help you stay hydrated, alert and feeling better. From packs to bottles to filtration systems, you don’t have an excuse not to stay hydrated. Traveling or have bad water? No excuses with Camelbak’s All Clear UV filtration system. In just 60 seconds you can take water from a pond and make it drinkable. Check them out at-
Trijicon Binoculars
Whether you are bird watching, hunting, scoping shots, or just want to see things up close, you have to try Trijicon’s Binoculars. They crisp and clear field of view and the 10x42 power allows you to see things with great detail and clarity. They are also light weight and come with a carrying case and harness to help you carry them while out in the field. Check them out today at-

High Lady at Blue Ridge 3-gun Champs

High Lady at Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championships
For the second year in a row, I attended the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-gun Championships. Last year was a very challenging match and an incredible learning experience. I had some great stages and had some horrible stages but I trained hard this year to come back and try a shot at the High Lady title. This year didn’t have as many obstacle courses, but it did have a lot of running, something that I was really looking forward too. I shot a very consistent match and ended up high lady. This match is known as one of the most physical matches in 3-gun, it ranks right up there with Iron Man and Rocky Mountain. I enjoy the physical matches because of my background in Biathlon and enjoy the opportunity to shoot with a little bit of a heart rate in these matches. This year’s obstibles included a rockclimb wall followed by some fast roping as well as pushing a weighted wheel barrow. I was proud of all the women in the match. There was an option to take one of the weighted bags out of the wheel barrow to make it “easier” and as the first person let alone woman in the match to go first on that stage I kept all the weight in and all the ladies that followed did too. It was a great match and I can’t wait to retun next year to defend my high lady title. Huge thank you to Camelbak giving me a slot in the match to compete and for keeping me hydrated throughout the match!

Weekly Product Spotlight

MGM Targets
When people think of steel targets they think of MGM. Mike Gibson and his family have been making steel targets for military and civilians for years and have some of the most durable and dependable targets on the market. MGM recently donated tons of steel targets for use at the She Never Quit event that raises money for widows of Navy Seals. Not only do they make great targets, they are great people! Thanks MGM for all your support and for supporting or service men and women and their families!
JP Enterprises JP-15
The rifle pictured to the right has won over 10 High Lady titles and has won numerous all rifle stages even beating out the men in 3-gun matches this year and in 2016. With over 100,000 rounds through it, this rifle is still going strong and shooting great groups. Light weight but still deadly at long range this rifle is perfect for just about any 3-gun match from bay stages to long range to natural terrain. My favorite rifle to date and one that I have to keep a close eye on because many of my male competitors keep threating to walk off with it when I’m not looking ;). Check them out at
Lowa Boots and Shoes
When it comes to shoes and boots I am probably one of the pickiest people on the planet. Not because of looks but because they have to withstand and hold up to hours and miles of abuse and keep my feet happy. Not something easily done with the abuse I put shoes through. Lowa is the only shoe and boot out there to stand up to the test and keep my feet happy. From running, to hiking, to walking, to hunting, to travel, to everything in between Lowa has a shoe for that. Check them out at

She Never Quit event 2017

The first 2 weeks in October, Tracy and I attended the 3rd Annual She Never quit event at Marcus Luttrell’s (The Lone Survivor) Ranch in Texas.. The She Never Quit Event was held on Marcus Luttrell's (Lone Survivor) Ranch down in Texas. Melanie Luttrell (Marcus' wife) was our host for the event. It was the 3rd annual event were we brought in women from all across the US who pay to experience what is the latest and greatest in the firearms and outdoor industry as well as raise money for a Charity called "All In, All the Time" that supports windows and families of fallen navy seals that are struggling to pay the bills. When one of our service members is killed in action, the widows are given a one-time $10,000 payment and month to move out of their on base housing. You can imagine that for many families a move and trying to find an income can be difficult as there are no other benefits given long term for these widows. All of the proceeds go directly to All In All The Time. 

The events include a "firearms petting zoo" where the lady attendee's got the opportunity to try firearms from over 12 different manufactures as well as receive shooting instruction from some of the top lady shooters/instructors in the country for rifle, pistol and shotgun. They also shot on all different kinds of steel targets graciously provided by MGM Targets (our official target sponsor). There was also archery, lessons in how to back up a trailer, yoga, massage a photo safari on the ranch (they have a lot of exotics on the ranch), a silent auction, and more. 

The last two years the event generated a lot of publicity and was featured on TV, magazine and many online publications. The website for the event with more info is Thanks to the many sponsors that are supporting this event including several of my sponsors- MGM Targets, Fiocchi, and Explorer Cases.