So Many Targets In So Little Time…

May 2017

The Launch of Lanny Oakley

One of my biggest Hero’s is Annie Oakley. Her story has inspired me a lot in my shooting over the years. One of my favorite Annie Oakley Quotes is-

“Aim at a high mark and you'll hit it. No, not the first time, nor the second time. Maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect.”
My Goal... To achieve a level in shooting that would make some of the greatest shooters in the world proud and to inspire future generations to aim even higher.

This journey is for her and all the other trail blazers. It will consist of trying things that have never been tried before in shooting as well in inspiring others to improve their shooting in a safe and fun way. My plan is to break the stigma of what can be done physically while shooting all while inspiring the general public to become healthier and get in better shape which will translate into improved shooting performance! So please check out my Facebook page- Lanny Oakley and spread the word on what I’m trying to do! Let’s improve our shooting and fitness together!

Cabela's Ladies Day with Otis

Every Mothers Day Cabela’s has a ladies’ weekend where they cater to all things women when it comes to the outdoors, shooting, and hunting! For the second year in a row, Tracy and I travel up to the Cabela’s in Lone Tree, CO. to give a talk on different things like Shooting with an elevated heart rate, How to handle the mental pressure in shooting, and many more topics. Otis Technology has helped in providing many great products to give away to the ladies and kids who attend this event and one lucky lady usually walks away with one of Otis’ Incredible cleaning kits. Check out

NRA Show 2017

The NRA Annual Meetings took place at the very end of April. I had the honor and privilege to represent a lot of really great companies during the show and also had the opportunity to meet a lot of really cool people. Some of the highlights included signing autographs in the HIVIZ booth, meeting the “FedEx Guy” (the guys who rescued the burning American flag), Interviewing with CAM & CO, learning the ropes from the Iowa Firearms Coalition guys, and listening to a speech by Tom Selleck with a good group of friends. It is always good to get out and talk to people from all walks of life who’s one common interest is firearms. I have met so many amazing people from all over this great country at the annual NRA Show. Next year the show will be in Houston, TX.

Weekly Product Spotlight

Hogue Stocks
Are you tired of your zero moving around on you? It is probably a result of your face not hitting the cheek piece in the same spot every time, or your face slipping on the cheek piece. Hogue not only makes incribly grippy pistol grips, but they also make grippy cheek pieces, forends, knives and many other great products. Don’t risk the slip when you really need grip, Check them out at
You know that song that goes “I can see clearly now the rain is gone….”? Well, I think of that every time I look through a Trijicon scope. Trijicon’s glass and optics are so clear that it makes even makes our bright blue Colorado sky’s look cloudy. They say you are supposed to shoot for the moon, well you definitely will have a clear view of it with a Trijicon scope. My Trijicon scope of choice is the Accupoint 1-6. It works in just about any conditions and allows me to see targets from 15 yards to 600 yards, check them out at
HIVIZ Sights and a Pro Tip
Ever wonder how you can shave time on your first shot and acquire the sights quicker? I have teamed up with HIVIZ to bring you a Pro Tip on how to do just that. Not only do you have an advantage when using Hiviz because they are so bright you can see them in just about every condition, your peripheral vision can pick up on it a lot quicker than most sights out there. Check out the link to the YouTube video below and see what I have to say about acquiring your sights quicker and cutting down that time to the first shot, also check out the great products from Hiviz on their website-

Babes with Bullets Camp in Missoula, MT

I was fortunate enough to be an instructor at the Babes with Bullets handgun camp in Missoula, MT. We had a great turnout and taught ladies of all different levels how to be more efficient with their handgun shooting. We had quite a few ladies that had never shot before at the camp. One of the ladies there even had a life changing moment when her grandson was able to come and watch her on the last day and told everyone “I want to shoot like Grandma and I hope we can shoot together in the future”! It definitely made her day and will be something they both remember for the rest of their lives. Check out for the list of upcoming matches. I will be hosting one of the BWB camps at my home range in Durango, CO. September 22-24th. It is so awesome to see the change not only in the ladies shooting skill and ability, but the confidence they walk away with at the end of the camp!

Babes With Bullets 3Gun Challenge

This was the 2nd annual Babes with Bullets 3-gun Challenge at Shoot Out Lane in Louisiana at Kay and Jerry Miculek’s Range. This match is probably one of the most unique matches for women that there is because they not only reserve half of the match slots for women, they have an equal and separate prize table for women. This year there were over 200 shooters and 97 of them were women. The atmosphere and comradery during the match was unique in of itself also. Very few matches you will be able to hear cheering and celebrations after every shooter. The BWB3GC staff gave out extra prizes for the loudest and most encouraging squad as well as other prizes that encourage shooters to help each other out. Many of the Babes with Bullets instructors were RO’s, staff, and Pro Shooters that helped beginners throughout the match with instruction and stage prepping. I ended up 4th lady overall which wasn’t the result I was hoping for, but it definitely motivated me to keep pushing hard and keep training. Huge thank you to OTIS for the sponsored shooter slot!