So Many Targets In So Little Time…

March 2017

Weekly Product Spotlight

After Shooting a match in the dark, I can tell you you’re your sight can make a difference between seeing and just literately taking a shot in the dark. Did you know that HIVIZ now has tritium night sight? How cool! Although I did not use the tritium sight during the match as my HIVIZ front sight was bright enough with the Crimson Trace light I had attached to my STI DVC 3-Gun rail that the combo could have help guide in aircraft, I would recommend the HIVIZ glow-in-the-dark sights for conceal carry or any other night applications. Check them out and their amazing new technology as well as the heart and soul that they have put into their sights at
Camelbak packs
I am a huge fan of being prepared for whatever you are doing? I have been known to bring just about everything but the kitchen sink with me and at 5’3” and not wanting to get any shorter from my heavy loads compacting my spine, I rely on Camelbak packs. They not only help distribute weight in the right areas, they also have water reservoirs built into the packs so you can stay hydrated on your adventures, travels, training, matches, etc. Looking for a pack for a specific event or activity, Camelbak’s got a pack for just about everything except underwater basket weaving and I’m sure a few of their packs might work for that as well . Check them out at
LOWA Boots
Both matches that I shot down in Texas the last couple of weekends were in the rain and muck. It wasn’t necessarily a warm rain either so those shooters who’s feet got wet spent most of the match shivering which can affect your shooting in so many ways. I discovered Lowa boots in my travels overseas but they have been in the US for quite some time. The Germans definitely have figured a lot of things out and are known for making quality products. They definitely have gone above and beyond with their handmade boots and shoes that not only last at least 3 times longer (in my tests) than other shoe and boot companies, but they are made with higher quality materials. Needless to say I not only had warm feet, but amazing grip in that muck!

Taccom Weekly Product Spotlight

Shotgun reloads can make or break a match. If you are struggling to reload or “fumble” a load as they say, you will lose precious time and precious shells that you may need later. I use Taccom Shell holders because I have the confidence knowing that no matter what happens during a stage- going prone, bumping into props, etc. the shells will stay in place for when I need them. They are also easy to grab and help me get them in the right position to have a smooth reload. Made by a shooter for shooters, Taccom products are perfect for 3-gun!

Starlight 3-gun Match Update

It’s not often that we get to shoot matches at night. In biathlon we had races all the time in at night under the lights but with 3-gun when there is a night match everything kicks off after the sun goes down and the lights go out. I’ve done one other major match at night up in Oregon and had a blast. This drew some of the best shooters in the country for what is promised to be some very fast stages and some head to head shoot offs at the end. They even fed dinner to all competitors every night and had a band playing all night into the wee hours of the am. I had some really great stages and some ok stages which put me in 3rd going into the last stage. I went for it on the last stage to try and move up and although I had a really great time, I missed a pistol paper target and was penalized for that. The penalty moved me down to 5th place Lady. Although I am bummed that I missed that pistol target, I don’t regret going for it on that last stage. Sometimes you have to take chances in order for things to work out. It didn’t pan out this time, but maybe next time it will. Needless to say, it was a phenomenal match and I am definitely looking forward to shooting it next year! I just want to add a huge Thank you to MGM Targets for giving me one of their sponsored shooters slots so I could shoot this match. Also Thank you to Crimson Trace for all the lights and lasers from the last night match that I used in this match!

Weekly Product Spotlight

Have you ever slipped while hunting & banged your scope on the ground or threw your gun in a barrel at a match in a much more violent manner than any gun should be thrown? Did you find out later that your scope was bumped & your zero is off? I can tell you that I have been there in both hunting & 3-gun before I discovered Trijicon scopes, I ended up missing the shot of a lifetime on an elk & having a frustrating stage at a 3-gun match because the scope I was using at the time couldn’t withstand any sort of impact without repercussions. I can tell you from testing myself both In the field & in important competitions that my Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6x has withstood a beating that no scope should be able to handle. I take everything I do seriously & that translates into being quite rough on myself and my equipment. But to this day, my scope has withstood travel in cars/airplanes, being dropped, thrown, fallen on, and generally roughed up and has held it’s zero. That is a pretty amazing feet!
FIOCCHI 147g JHP 9mm
It is so nice to shoot a round that allows your quicker double taps and has enough know down to take down all the steel targets that we encounter in 3-gun matches with our pistols. We shoot Fiocchi 147g JHP out of our STI DVC 3-Guns. The heavier bullets not only whacks the steel beter but it doesn’t give you as much muzzle rise as a traditional 115 grain or most other ammunition’s out there. Tracy and I rely on only the best when it comes to ammo when we want the highest accuracy and dependability. We also shoot their 12 guage 7.5 10z shot and their 69 grain .223, as well as their amazing low recoil slugs for our competitions. Check them out at
Explorer Cases
3-Gun is a gear intensive sport, so was biathlon. I’ve finally figured out the best way to carry everything you need in one case. Explorer Cases from Internationals Supplies has made a 3-gun hard travel case that has a soft 3-gun case that fits perfectly inside that hard sided case for ease of travel and will also save your weight for travel and allow you to fit more ammo into your bags ;). This hard sided and soft sided case also allows you to fit your long shotgun extension completely into both cases so you don’t have the end sticking out of your soft case collecting dirt and have to tear down your shotgun when putting it into the hard sided case. I haven’t been able to find a better combo. Check them out at

Joining the UnderCover Undertech Team!!

I am excited and honored to announce that I will be teaming up with UnderTech UnderCover this year! I truly believe in their products as they have helped keep me safe and given me the peace of mind and confidence to keep traveling and getting out there in an increasingly scary world. Not only are their products made in the USA there are a really great group of people behind these products! They make the best conceal carry clothing in the world, from shirts to shorts, to jackets, to purses, to vests. Check them out at

Joining the HIVIZ Team!!!

Thank you HIVIZ for letting me join your team! Seeing is believing! I have been using Hiviz sights when teaching my Babes with Bullets course for years. I want my students to have a sight that they can see and acquire quickly and effortlessly. If you haven’t tried a HIVIZ sight, then you haven’t truly experienced what its like to see be able to pick up on your front sight that much easier and faster. Seeing and focusing on the front sight is one of the most important things we teach in our courses. Where ever that bead goes, so does the barrel and bullet. Check them out and their amazing new technology as well as the heart and soul that they have put into their sights at

3GN SW Regional

3-Gun Nation SW Regionals took place in Navasota, TX this past weekend. I ended up High Lady for the match. With a mixture of long range natural terrain stages and short fast paced smaller bay shooting, I was able to test some of the training that I have been doing the past several months. I took all of February off from matches and focus on training and building up my skills for 3-gun. Despite a few big penalties, the training really payed off in this past match. This result should get me an invite to Nationals in November in Virginia at the Virginia International Raceway. Oh and by the way, Tracy shot the 3-Gun Nation Club match in Farmington, NM the same weekend and walked away with the High Lady title as well. She will be jumping back into the action soon.