So Many Targets In So Little Time…

June 2017

Weekly Product Spotlight

Summer is here and so is the heat! Everyone know’s that it is important to hydrate but many of us don’t. Often times it’s a convience thing or we are to busy or forget. Don’t forget, the more hydrated you are the better you feel and more productive you will be. We are 70% water, that alone should tell you how important water is. I am always busy but with Camelbak hydration packs, it is so much easier to stay hydrated all day long. I fill it up in the am and am good to go. Check out their awesome packs and bottles at
This time of year I love smoothies. Not only are they refreshing in the summer heat, but they also can give me an energy boost with protein and other good nutrients. I love the Shaklee Life protein powder for my smoothies. I have been using Shaklee products for over 10 years now because they are all natural and not only do they comply with all the government standards, they hold themselves to a very high standard with their products. To me that says a lot and is why I don’t trust my health and nutrition to anything other than Shaklee. From Protein powder, to vitamins, to cleaning supplies; Shaklee has something for everyone and is guaranteed to keep you healthy.
5.11 Tactical
I never thought I could run all day in a pair of pants and still love them. 5.11 makes a pant so flexible you wouldn’t believe it. I have run, jumped, hiked, swam, crawled, bent, and done just about everything in these pants and they not only stood up to the test, they gave me the flexibility to move the way I wanted to. 5.11 makes so many great products, but my favorite is the Cirrus pants. Check them out and also check out the great products from 5.11 on their website-

High Lady at the Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Match Forest Lake, MN

This was my first time competing in a 3-gun Match in Minnesota. I lived and trained in MN for several years for Biathlon and it was good to be back in the state. The match was very challenging with incredibly creative stages. I finished High Lady and 20th overall out of 156 shooters in the Tac Ops division. I was 2nd overall in the all rifle stage and was beat by .6 seconds by Tim Yackley. I also finished 4th overall in another stage. Despite having three stages with a few hiccups, I was very happy with how the match went and felt like I made some big improvements from the previous match. I have been training hard this summer and trying to increase my skills and proficiency in 3-gun. Coming up I have 3 major matches this summer with the Colorado 3-gun Championships where I hope to defend my High Lady title from last year, the Governors 3-Gun Championships in WY, and my all-time favorite- the Rocky Mountain 3-gun Championships. After that and a few Babes with Bullets courses in Montana, I conclude the summer with a trip to Africa with 5 other ladies for a televised hunt on how to teach women to take a shot on their first animal and the other important aspects of hunting.
Nordic Heritage 2A Jr. Camp, Forest Lake, MN
I was fortunate enough to be an instructor at the Nordic Heritage 2A Jr. 3-gun camp in Forest Lake, MN. All of the instructors and people that helped with the camp were volunteers and donated their time to help grow 3-gun and promote shooting sports. A lot of sponsors stepped up to help out with this camp as well. We had a great turnout and taught kids from 10-18 in all different levels of shooting how to be more efficient with their 3-gun shooting. This was a 3-day camp that included 2 days of shooting instruction and 1 day of stage planning and competition preparations. I had the pleasure of teaching with Gunnar An from JP Enterprises in teaching the kids the fine art of pistol shooting the first day. We also worked with the kids with rifle the second day and stage planning on day 3. During the match all of the instructors had at least 4 kids on their squad to help them and coach them throughout the match.

GunVenture Show Filming

GunVenture Show Filming
A few weeks back Gun Talk Sent out a film crew to film an episode of GunVenture with me in Durango, CO and at my home range. The show will air this fall, but we packed in multiple adventures from putting the “new guy” KJ through 3-gun boot camp to cliff jumping into the Animas river to going on North America’s longest Zip line which is located in Durango. I will keep you posted on the air date.