So Many Targets In So Little Time…

June 2016

Weekly Product Spotlight

Weekly Product Spotlight:
Lowa Boots
Do you ever have to stand all day on your feet with very little breaks? Often times at 3-gun matches we have to stand almost the entire day and besides shooting our stages we are always running up and down the range resetting and taping targets for our competitors. Being Olympians we have always put a lot of weight on our footwear because we know first hand how important proper footwear can be with the kind of training that we do. The first time I put my foot into a LOWA boot my foot was in love. I bought a pair of LOWA Baffin Pro for hunting and ever since then my choice in shoes has a higher standard. For 3-gun I use the LOWA Renegade because it provides support, but is comfortable enough to wear all day on the range with your feet still being happy with you at the end of the day!
5.11 Tactical Cirrus Pants
I have basically lived in these pants since I started 3-gun. Not only are they flexible enough to handle the fast past movement on the range, I wear them working in the yard, hiking, out to dinner… yes they not only double as a work pant, they look nice enough to wear out to dinner. They are lightweight, breathable, and stylish. They have stood up to the test and have outlasted any other pair of pants I have. The first pair of 5.11 Cirrus pants I ever received over 6 years ago I am proud to say have no holes and look as good as they did 6 years ago.
Want to be able to practice at home or be able to bring your own steel targets to the range without breaking your back doing it? Salute Products have some of the best steel targets on the market because of these simple reasons- the only use high quality steel, their targets are auto-resetting so you spend less time walking down range to set up, and they easily tear down so you can move them around and set them up just the way you want them. Not only do they have targets for almost every kind of shooting out there, they are incredibly good people. Steel is way more fun than paper, so get some steel today.

3-Gun Nation Pro Series Update

3-Gun Nation Pro Series
On Monday I flew out to Virginia to the International Raceway to compete in the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series. After 3-gun Nation decided not to have a ladies Pro Series this year but allowed the ladies who had qualified to compete against the men, I jumped at the opportunity. Only 3 of the 12 women who had qualified for the Pro Series accepted the challenge of competing in the men’s field. This would be my first Pro Series and turned out to be an incredible learning experience. When I arrived I spent the day with the other 6 men that I would be competing against, doing interviews and practicing on the stages that we would compete on later that night. The practice alone was worth the plane trip out as I always feel that training against the best and fastest in the world will help to raise your level of skill and speed as well. Once the sun went down, the Pro Series started and it was an elimination event consisting of 3 stages where the bottom half of the competitors would be sent to an elimination round and only the top person would advance from there. In the first stage I just missed making the safe 3rd spot after a small jam on one of my firearms and didn’t have the speed to match the pistol champions in the elimination round. So that was the end of my Pro Series. I would have loved a different outcome, but I am proud to say that I toed the line with some of the best 3-gunners in the country and didn’t back down from a challenge even though most of the women in the 3-gun field backed out. I am hoping to qualify again next year for the Pro Series and with some more training and experience, I hope to beat the best regardless of whether it’s a man or woman competitor. The Pro Series will be aired this fall on TV. I will send out an update with it gets closer to the air date.
Tame the Tower 3-gun Match
This past weekend I competed in the Tame the Tower 3-gun Match in Virginia as well. A one stage beast, this competition consists of several hundred rounds of shooting in one long stage that starts on the big tower at the Virginia International Raceway with shooting off all sides as you head down the tower and into the field with a long run and gun through the field. I ended up 1st lady and 14th overall.

Iron Man 3-gun Championships Update

Iron Man 3-gun Championships
This past weekend I competed in the famous Iron Man 3-Gun Championships in Parma, Idaho. So many people have bragged about the event over the years that it was the most physical and most demanding 3-gun competition on the planet. I finally was able to get a spot in the match and after more than 1000rounds of ammo, shooting off a zip line, carrying a 120 lb dummy, launching down a two story slide and driving a golf cart while shooting, I survived my first Iron Man 3-Gun. I ended up "Iron Maiden" (High Lady) and learned so much shooting the match.

Babes With Bullets Montana

Babes with Bullets Pistol Camps in Montana
The last two weeks I was at Ranch owned by Mars Corp. on the Montana/Wyoming boarder as an instructor and celebrity Chef for the Babes with Bullets Ladies Pistol and Diamond Camps. The first camp we had a big group of ladies, mostly beginners, that over the course of 2.5 days went from on the first day having never touched a firearm or had a big fear of them to the last day running a 9mm safely and proficiently through several USPSA style competition stages. It is always a pretty amazing transformation in these women! The next camp was the Babes with Bullets Diamond Camp. With only one a year, the diamond camp combines luxury with shooting rifles, pistols and shotguns. I was the Celebrity Chef and besides shooting with some of the best female instructors in in the US the ladies also did horseback riding, fly-fishing, river float trips, massages, yoga, and other fun activities.