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January 2018

2017 Year End Update

3- Time Olympic Biathlete and Professional Shooter Lanny Barnes aka Lanny OakleyRises up to Dominate Ladies 3-Gun in 2017 (December 30th, 2017) –Professional Shooter, Lanny Barnes made 2017 her best year in action shooting with outstanding wins at 7 major 3-gun Matches in 2017.
Barnes, a 3x Olympic Biathlete earned a total of 7 titles of High Lady while competing in Practical/Tac Ops at the 2017 Rocky Mountain 3-gun World Championships in New Mexico, Blue Ridge Mountain 3-gun Championships in Kentucky, 3-Gun Nation SW Regional in Texas, Colorado 3-gun Championships, Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun Championships in Arizona, Vortex Shooter Source 3-Gun Championships in Texas, and Nordic/Vortex 3-Gun Championships in Minnesota. She came in 2
nd lady at the 3-gun Nation Nationals, USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, and Texas 3-gun Championships. Thanks to her incredible sponsors and suppliers for providing some of the world’s best equipment, Barnes made a huge improvement in the ranks from starting 3-gun just 3 years ago after retiring from a successful Olympic career in Biathlon. She also pulled out several overall stage wins in 2 different major 3-gun matches this year, topping some of the best male shooters in the industry like Jerry Miculek and many others.
Barnes also was active in the shooting community participating and help out with many events such as Ladies Day at Cabela
s, helping to organize The Womens Outdoor Media Associations annual She Never Quit Event, Instructing at many Babes with Bullets Ladies Handgun Camps, teaching at the 2A Heritage Jr. 3-Gun Camp and filming with Gunventure TV, NRA Womens TV Love at First Shot, and an African hunt with new lady hunters for American Outdoors TV.
3x Olympic Biathlete- 2006, 2010, 2014
-3-Gun Nation Pro Series Competitor 2016
-1st Place Lady, "Iron Maiden" at the MGM Iron Man 3-gunChampionship 2016
-1st Place Lady at the Rocky Mountain 3-gun World Championship 2016 & 2017
-1st Place Lady at the Colorado 3-gun Championships 2016 & 2017
-High Lady at Blue Ridge Mountain 3-gun Championships 2017
-High Lady at Nordic/Vortex Tri-gun Championships 2017
-High Lady at Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun Championships 2017
-High Lady at Nordic/Vortex Tri-gun Championships 2017
-High Lady at Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun Championships 2017
-2nd place Lady at USPSA Nationals & 3-Gun Nation Nationals, & Xtreme Bullets Texas 3-gun Championships 2017
“Transitioning from Olympic Biathlon to 3-gun has been a perfect change. I have been able to take the things Ive learned from biathlon and apply them to 3-gun competitions. Having come from an extreme run-and-gun competition like biathlon into a much shorter run-and-gun sport like 3-gun, my physical fitness and being able to shoot with an elevated heart rate has helped me to pick up on 3-gun quickly. I cant wait to train even harder for 2018 and see what it has in store. Thanks to my incredible sponsors and supports, Ive been able to train hard with the best equipment which is allowing me to improve at a faster rate and be competitive amongst a really strong field in 3-gun.2018 is here and Barnes is training hard to improve even more next year. She is hoping to add a few more competitions to her schedule which include the USPSA and the JP Enterprises PCC National Championships as well as the Shotgun World Championships in France as well as looking to earn High Lady titles at the USPSA National Championships and the 3-gun Nation Nationals. She will also be attending Shot Show and representing these companies- JP Enterprises, Fiocchi Ammunition, STI International, Trijicon, Lowa, Camelbak and Camelbak Tactical, Hogue, MGM Targets, Shaklee Corperation, UnderTech Undercover, Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems, 5.11 Tactical, Smith Optics, Taccom, and Webber Tactical.
Lanny would like to extend a special thank you to HIVIZ Sights for the opportunity to be a part of their team in 2017!! Thanks so much for the support and helping me pick up on my sights that much quicker!
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