So Many Targets In So Little Time…

December 2017

Weekly Product Spotlight

Undertech Undercover
With a changing and sometime scary world out there, it is important to be prepared and protect yourself. I use UnderTech UnderCover conceal carry garments to help protect me in any situation. From tank top and t’s with build in holsters to leggings and belly bands. They have something for everyone and every situation. They have helped protect me and save my life in many situations. I can’t thank them enough for not only their help and support in my 3-gun endeavors but for making such an incredible product that has protected so many men and women over the years. Check them out at
MGM Targets
Do you enjoy target practicing? It’s time to upgrade your fun from paper targets to steel targets. MGM Targets has something for everyone. From the casual shooter to the competition shooter to LEO’s and military to hunters. Improve your shooting and get serious by adding some steel to your arsenal. Most of the targets are easy to set up and haul. My favorite target is the Whirley Gig. It can be shot with a rifle, pistol or handgun and challenges not only accuracy by learning how to shoot better with timing and reading your sights as the target is moving! Check them out at-
Hiviz Sights
Whether you are a casual shooter, competitive shooter, using a firearm for self-defense or hunting, you have to try Hiviz sights. Bright and visible in just about any conditions, Hiviz sights help you to acquire you sights so much quicker. Getting on target quicker gives you more time to light up your sights and get set up and take a good shot. Christmas is just around the corner, don’t wait to get sights for your pistol or shotgun or carry gun. Hiviz also has some amazing night sights as well. Check them out today at-

Induction into the Nordic Skiing Hall of Fame

Induction into the Nordic Skiing Hall of Fame
On December 2nd, Tracy and I were inducted into the Nordic Skiing Hall of Fame. This was a great honor and we are proud to be amongst some incredible talented and successful skiers from years past. We prepared an acceptance speech with includes Tracy giving one of her famous inspirational speeches while I complete a drawing upside down that I will flip over a the end of her speech to reveal a work of art that will be auctioned off to help raise money for the Durango Winter Sports Foundation.