So Many Targets In So Little Time…

April 2017

1st Lady at Vortex Shooters Source 3-Gun

I love natural terrain style matches. I signed up for this match after so many people told me that there was a lot of running and gunning through the woods and up and down hills last year. The match turned out to be an awesome and very challenging match. The stages were made even more challenging with long range (out to 100 yard pistol and slug targets) and a serious amount of wind. Although I had two really horrible stages, I ended up taking a stage win on my JP-15 Rifle with a Trijicon Accupower 1-6 scope and Fiocchi 69 grain ammo. I was able to stay ahead in time to great shooters like Jerry Miculek and James Gill. I finished 1st lady and 39th/157 overall. I definitely left with a list of things to work on and am excited about the next match- The Babes With Bullets 3-gun Challenge in May.

Weekly Product Spotlight

Most people know the importance of taking care of themselves and know it’s important to eat healthy and exercise but few realize that the health of your feet can make a huge difference in your overall health. Happy feet translate into happy knees, back, hips, etc. I take footwear seriously and when I run I wear LOWA’s Innox EVO GTX LO because it is the only running shoe that I have found that not only provides the proper support for my long runs, but it doesn’t wear out after a month or two of really hard training. Some of my other favorites are Renagade GTX Mid (to the left) because whether I stand all day at the range or hike all day my feet just don’t hurt or get sore. Check them out at
Taccom Shooting’s accessories
In 3-gun it makes a difference what equipment you use. There are a lot of different aftermarket products out there and not many are designed by shooters. That is why I like Taccom’s products. They are designed by shooters for Shooters. I use Taccom’s shotgun tube extension, shell caddies, ar mag extensions and many more of their awesome products. If you want something that is proven in competition, check out Taccom’s awesome line of products at
Tactrainers Airsoft Targets
When it comes to training and getting trigger time in there never is enough time or ammo. I live on a range but I still don’t have enough ammo and also don’t have the best weather to practice every day. To help me with this so I can still get the trigger time in, I use airsoft. Tactrainers has all the same targets you shoot at in competitions, but they are incredibly affordable and you can shoot bb’s at them all day and not hurt the bank. In Colorodo when it’s snowing outside, I can still get the practice I need when I just set up targets in the basement or garage. Try it out, it is the best training alternative that I have found out there.

2nd at USPSA 3-Gun Nationals

This was my third USPSA National Championships and every year I have been improving and working on getting faster in a USPSA style match which is mostly fast paced shooting in short bays. This year I felt like I made a huge jump in performance and despite having one or two bad stages, I was finally running and gunning at a much faster pace. I ended up 2nd place lady and was 45th/157 overall. I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but it was a huge improvement from placing 3rd lady and 71st overall last year. I can’t wait until next year! Huge thank you to Hogue for the sponsored shooter slot!

Weekly Product Spotlight

Hogue Belts
Hogue is known for their amazing pistol grips, but one things that I love is their competition belts. They not only fit well and are comfortable, but they stay in place and have a really awesome hook in the back at helps keep them in place even better. A lot of people don’t consider your belt a really important piece of equipment when competing and will just setting for any belt out there, but take it from me, losing your equipment in the middle of a stage because you bought a cheap belt is not only embarrassing, but makes it difficult to continue when you leave your equipment (pistol, magazines and ammo) behind. Check out their amazing belts and other awesome products and
5.11 Tactical
5.11 isn’t a new company, they’ve been around since 1992 and started when the FBI adopted the 5.11 pant as it’s training pant. Now thousands of law enforcement, military and competitive shooters and hunters wear 5.11 pants and other products while out in the field. What I love most about 5.11 is I can not only run, jump and shoot in their pants, but they are stylish enough to run to the store or even out on the town in. They are comfortable, durable and look great. I have been wearing 5.11 since 2011. Check them out and all their great products at
Unique Tek
I travel a lot and sometimes it’s a crunch to fit in a big heavy target stand into your bag with everything else. Unique Tek makes a Port-A-Stand Bracket that not only is packable but allows you to set up a target stand anywhere. It can also be used to make walls or barriers and is so versatile, the sky is the limit when you think of different applications you use this for on the range. I am going to be flying to matches with this as they easily fit in my luggage and allow me to sight in my guns when I arrive. Not every range has targets stands available so why not bring one with you. Check them out at

4th at Texas 3Gun Champs

Texas 3-Gun Championships
The Texas 3-Gun Championships is guaranteed to be a “Texas sized” match with not only bosting some of the largest number of competitors but they also have 10 very challenging stages that keep the shooters on their toes at every shot. Last year was my first year competing in this match and I walked away with a 4th place in the ladies and a lot of things to work on. This year despite having some hiccups throughout the weekend I ended up 2nd place in the ladies and felt that my shooting had improved from the previous year. I shot on a squad with some of the top shooters and really learned a lot shooting with them and watching how they strategize and plan out their stages. Next year I am going to be heading back to the match and hoping to come home with the High Lady title. The match this year had a really fun all pistol stage that was sponsored by STI International. I shoot their STI DVC 3-Gun 9mm 2011 in all my competitions and was happy to have the 2nd fastest time behind Athena Lee who is one of the best pistol shooters in the country. I also shot a stage that was sponsored by JP Enterprises and was 1st lady on that stage. I shoot the JP-15 Precision Rifle and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to JP for the entry in to the match!

Weekly Product Spotlight

I have been using Shaklee products for over 15 years now and they just keep adding better and better products to their line. From nutrition to home and cleaning products to personal health care products. Shaklee has everything you need to keep yourself and your family healthy. Their products undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia. Their products are backed by 71 patents and patents-pending, and over 120 published scientific papers and presentations. We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee – no questions asked. Some of my favorite Shaklee products are their Pomegranate Energizing tea’s. Without all the added sugars and other additives, you get some great natural flavors added to your water and a natural energy boost too! Check them out at
Hiviz Shotgun sights
Everyone knows that Hiviz makes the best pistol sights in the world, but did you know that HIviz made shogun sights? Turkey season, competitions shooting season, and skeet/trap season is coming up and if you don’t have a great sight on your shogun, you are going to struggle hitting your mark. What I love most about my Hiviz sight on my shotgun is that I can acquire the sight quicker in my peripheral and that allows me to get on the bird/clay quicker and helps me to swing through my shot instead of struggling to find the sight then not having enough time to get the shot off before the bird is out of range. Seeing is believing so if want to shoot better with a shotgun check them out at
Camelbak Hydration Systems
As a three time Olympian and someone who spends a lot of time pushing my body physically in training and matches, I drink a lot of water. Most people don’t drink enough water during the day and since your body is made up of 73% water it has to have lots of water to function. If your body doesn’t have enough water it effects everything, how you feel, your concentration, energy levels, eye sight, the list goes on. I carry a Camelbak water bottle or pack with me everywhere I go. Camelbak has some awesome new bottles out and one of my favorites is the Cute. It will keep things hot or cold all day, pretty amazing!

High Lady at Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun

One of, if not the oldest 3-Gun match in the country is the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun. This was my 3rd year shooting it this match & I have been improving every year. The 1st year I competed I was 5th lady, the 2nd year, I ended up 2nd & this year I took home High lady. It was a really great match that combined a good mix of bay stages with some long range shooting out to 550 yards. It is nice to see all the hard work from the training I have done this winter start to pay off. I still have a long ways to go with to improve and be more consistent but thanks to my incredible sponsors and supporters I have the best equipment to compete against the best in the world. I had the honor of shooting the match for Trijicon and thanks to their AccuPoint 1-6x I shot my best long and short range match to date! Fiocchi, my ammunition of choice was also at the match and sponsored some stages and a side match. Without the support of these great companies and many others the matches wouldn’t happen and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to shoot them.