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Lanny places 2nd Lady at the 3-Gun Nation Nationals in Virginia and 2nd Lady in the Shoot Off.
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Lanny Wins High Lady at the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championships! Thanks Camelbak Tactical!!
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Instructor and Host at the Babes with Bullets Ladies Handgun Camp at my range in Durango, CO at 10 Ring Ranch!
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We had a successful 3rd Annual She Never Quit Event in Texas at Melanie and Marcus Luttrell's Ranch. We raised money for All in All the Time an organization that helps support Widows of Navy Seals. We also taught women how to shoot rifles, pistols, and shotguns and brought in guns from 9 different manufacturers. We also had activities like archery, learning how to back up a trailer, fishing, massage, yoga, self defense, pepper spray, and more.
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Televised Hunt in Africa taking women who had never hunted before. Thanks to American Outdoors TV, Thompson Center, Trijicon, and 5.11 Tactical for a successful trip.
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Donating the meat from our hunt and other items to a local village in Africa.
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1st place lady at the Rocky Mountain 3-gun World Championships. 1st place lady in the Rocky Mountain Ladies Shoot offs as well.
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Filming with NRA Women's TV.
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Instructor at the Babes With Bullets Ladies Handgun camp Birney, MT.
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Celebrity Chef at the Babes With Bullets Diamond Camp!
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Talking to and inspiring kids at Olympic Day 2017!
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2nd Place Lady at the Babes with Bullets 3-gun Challenge. Thanks Otis!
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Lanny Win's High Lady at the Colorado 3-Gun Championships!
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Lanny join's forces with MGM Targets!
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Filming an Episode for GunVenture. I put KJ through 3-gun Boot Camp then we hit the trees at Soaring Tree Top Adventures for North America's longest Zipline!
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Instructor at the Babes with Bullets Ladies Handgun Camp Missoula, MT
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Talking about Trijicon's new AccuPower 1-8 with Mark Roth at the Nordic Heritage Camp.
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Coach and Instructor at the 2A Nordic Heritage Jr. Camp
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Lanny Win's High Lady at the Nordic/Vortex Try-Gun Championships. Thanks JP Enterprises!
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Lanny places 2nd in Lady Tactical Division at US Nationals!
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Interview with Cam & Co. at the NRA Show.
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Spending time with the future of shooting sports at the NRA Show.
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Lanny places 2nd in Lady Tactical Division at the Texas 3-gun Championships and Visit to STI International's Factory!
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Lanny win's High Lady in the Tac Division at the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun Championships! Thank you Trijicon!
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Lanny joins forces with UnderTech Undercover!

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Lanny Win's High Lady at 3-Gun Nation Regional!

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