Lanny Barnes Olympian & Pro Shooter

So Many Targets In So Little Time…

Lanny Barnes
a.k.a. "Lanny Oakley"

3-Time Olympian and Pro Shooter

Latest News-

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Lanny Win's High Lady at the Colorado 3-Gun Championships!
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Lanny join's forces with MGM Targets!
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Lanny Win's High Lady at the Nordic/Vortex Try-Gun Championships
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Lanny places 2nd in Lady Tactical Division at US Nationals!
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Lanny places 2nd in Lady Tactical Division at the Texas 3-gun Championships!
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Lanny win's High Lady in the Tac Division at the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun Championships!
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Lanny joins forces with UnderTech Undercover!

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Lanny Win's High Lady at 3-Gun Nation Regional!

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